Have you heard about that small country in Northern Europe, where the winters are dark and super cold, the summer does not have night at all, where the nature is still clean and the local culture is hilariously strange? You might  have heard about Suomi? Suomi and Finland are the same country. Find your job in Finland!


Come to work in Finland!

It can be your personal adventure, or just a quick tour to get money to your account; FINOKA’s goal is to seek and find suitable job for you. Our team is qualified to assist you with necessary documentation, accomodation and other important aspects that you need on your way. We make coming here easy.


Typical working tours last for 9 months.

The working tasks might change on the way, depending on the situation. Typically, Finnish companies would like to keep an employee who they like.


Finland is a beautiful country in Northern Europe. We are ranked one of the happiest countries on this planet.

Finland is safe country to work, and the work pays well.

At the moment, we are especially looking for persons with following background and experience:

However, if you have any other formal training, we are equally interested to hear about you! 

If you already are in Finland and, for example, running out of time with your VISA – you might need to find a good employer. Or maybe you just want to try something new? Please let us know about your situation.

We thank everyone for applying for forestry jobs and cobbler jobs. We received a lot of very good applications. Please note: The job search is still going on. We contact you as soon as we find a suitable option.


By doing so and joining our talent pool, FINOKA can easily search and find opportunities for you.

Job application
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Please note, that if you miss a detail on your application or there's something that is missing but required, your application might not qualify forward.

Please note, that your CV should be relevant. We will ask further questions and clarify details based on your CV, thus your CV should represent yourself and your skills and background.

There has been situations, where we have received many CV:s, which have the same textual content, or the fields above are filled with copy-paste text. FINOKA considers these as duplicates, and these applications might be automatically discarded.

Finoka is part of Holsti Forest Oy. Our goal is to provide new and exciting job opportunities for anyone, who would like to work in Finland.

Company addess: Niemeläntie 6, 85410 Sievi

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